At PaperWorks Industries, our commitment to sustainable performance includes a pledge of transparency, collaboration and stakeholder engagement.

We therefore maintain a robust, multifaceted approach to reporting on our priorities, goals and results. Every year, through the process of reporting and dialoguing with our stakeholders, our approach to sustainability evolves.

As a business partner and employer, we recognize that our stakeholders want reassurance that our company is not only financially sound, but that we have taken into account every aspect of our business, and in doing so, we have put systems in place to manage these, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. Our annual sustainability report is an opportunity for us to communicate with our stakeholders while driving forward our goal of wide-ranging sustainable business practices.

When implemented correctly, sustainability reporting is a model for business management. The reporting process enables companies to understand areas that are of value to their stakeholders and to receive feedback on their undertakings, including suggestions and opportunities for improvement. In addition, reporting also helps reinforce internal capacities to engage the entire organization in defining a corporate sustainability strategy, setting public targets, implementing plans, and reviewing results.

We invite you to browse through our sustainability report, and share your thoughts on our performances.
2012 Sustainability Report
2010-2011 Sustainability Report